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In the heart of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda offer the perfect setting for romance to flourish – whether for a destination wedding, renewal of vows or honeymoon. Couples are realising that a wedding weekend is far superior to a wedding day and are making Antigua one of the preferred top wedding and honeymoon destinations.

Just think of a wedding ceremony barefoot on the beach, like in a romantic film! If the idea appeals to you, it’s easy to arrange. In fact, even if you decide during your holiday to get married, it’s possible to do it without long preparations.

Many hotels can arrange it on their private beach or in a dedicated gazebo and assist you with organising the event. Most hotels offer special wedding packages or honeymoon deals. To help you organise all aspects of your wedding you can hire a professional wedding designer agency that will take care of everything you may need.

No problem! Antigua has everything in hand to ensure a trouble-free, relaxing and memorable day – just visit the new Honeymoon Registry. This helps you to create and personalise your wedding and honeymoon, including the possibility of family and friends actively contributing to the overall experience .
The site is interactive and tells you what documentation is needed, what to expect, the usual time scale involved and answers all your queries and questions. It also suggests various honemoon venues where marriage ceremonies are regularly performed, such as luxury hotels with spa facilities, special excusions and so on, as well as recommending experienced wedding planners should the need arise.
Not to worry about champagne, flowers, wedding cakes, music, choirs etc – Antigua is THE place for everything to just fall into place and make your dream wedding come true!

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